Saville Group Virtual Runabout

Our challenge

As you are probably aware there are a number of charity initiatives supporting NHS workers at the moment and we think it’s time for Saville Group to step-up.

We would like to challenge you and your family members to help by running, walking, cycling, scootering, space-hopping or any other form of physical exercise to complete the 'Saville Group Virtual Runabout’. This of course will be undertaken within government guidelines covering outdoor exercise and staying local using your usual exercise routes. If you are super keen or unable to leave your house, you can clock up miles at home on exercise bikes, rowing machines, stair runs, garden runs, trampling, bouncing etc... all we need is the distance covered.

The Runabout

The concept is to virtually navigate around a number of Saville Group offices by tracking your weekly activity on your fitness tracker, smartphone or pedometer. To track weekly progress there will be a spreadsheet where you can add your distance covered at any point, we will provide more information on this later.

Just Giving

Will be raising funds for our NHS to help provide support during the COVID-19 pandemic. We suggest each participant makes a £5 individual or £10 family donation to take part. The money will be collected via our Just Giving page. To raise more money and awareness, please share the Just Giving page and our social posts with relatives, friends, colleagues, suppliers and clients where appropriate. The more people involved the greater the distance we cover and the more funds we can raise.

Get involved

Monday 4 May – Sunday 10 May
To get involved hit the button below to sign-up. Please provide participant details and so we can plot our route, the collective distance that you think you/your family can cover during the week starting Monday 4 May. Once registered, we will provide more details on Yammer. Good luck!